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Die Kreuzen - October File (Vinyl NEW)Label: Touch & GoFormat: LPRelease Date: 09 Sep 2008No. of Discs: 1UPC: 036172070718Album Tracks1. Man in the Trees2. Uncontrolled Passion3. It's Been So Long4. Imagine a Light5. Cool Breeze6. Counting Cracks7. Red to Green8. Among the Ruins9. Hear and Feel10. Hide and Seek11. Conditioned12. There's a Place13. Open Lines14. Melt15. Rumors16. This Hope17. In School18. I'm Tired19. On the Streets20. Enemies21. Get 'Em22. Fighting23. No Time24. All White25. Pain/ Sick People26. Hate Me27. Live Wire28. Not Anymore29. Mannequin30. Fuckups31. Think for Me32. Dirt and Decay33. Don't Say Please34. No Name