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beroemd Milestones of a Legend by Johnny Cash PC1HTRzi

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BRDisc 1BR1: Rock Island LineBR2: I Heard That Lonesome WhistleBR3: Country BoyBR4: If the Good Lord's WillingBR5: Cry Cry CryBR6: Remember MeBR7: I Was There When It HappenedBR8: So Doggone LonesomeBR9: I Walk the LineBR10: Wreck Of The Old '97BR11: Folsom Prison BluesBR12: Doin' My TimeBR13: Ballad of a Teenage QueenBR14: There You GoBR15: I Walk the LineBR16: Don't Make Me GoBR17: Guess Things Happened That WayBR18: Train of LoveBRDisc 2BR1: The Ways of a Woman in LoveBR2: Next in LineBR3: You're the Nearest Thing to HeavenBR4: I Can't Help ItBR5: Home of the BluesBR6: Big RiverBR7: Goodbye Little Darlin'BR8: I Just Thought You'd Like To KnowBR9: You Tell MeBR10: Just About TimeBR11: I Forgot To Remember To ForgetBR12: Katy TooBR13: Thanks a LotBR14: Luther Played the BoogieBR15: You Win AgainBR16: Hey Good Lookin'BR17: I Could Never Be Ashamed Of YouBR18: Get RhythmBRDisc 3BR1: Run Softly Blue RiverBR2: Frankie's Man JohnnyBR3: That's All OverBR4: The TroubadorBR5: One More RideBR6: That's EnoughBR7: I Still Miss SomeoneBR8: Don't Take Your Guns to TownBR9: I'd Rather Die YoungBR10: Pickin' TimeBR11: Shepherd of My HeartBR12: Supper TimeBR13: It Was JesusBR14: I Saw a ManBR15: Are All the Children inBR16: The Old AccountBR17: Lead Me Gently HomeBR18: Swing Low Sweet ChariotBRDisc 4BR1: Snow in His HairBR2: Lead Me FatherBR3: I Call HimBR4: These Things Shall PassBR5: He'll Be a FriendBR6: God WillBR7: Drink to MeBR8: Five Feet High and RisingBR9: The Man on the HillBR10: Hank and Joe and MeBR11: ClementineBR12: Don't Step on Mother's RosesBR13: The Great Speckled BirdBR14: I Want To Go HomeBR15: The CaretakerBR16: Old Apache SquawBR17: My Grandfather's ClockBR18: It Could Be YouBRDisc 5BR1: Drink to MeBR2: The Man on the HillBR3: Hank and Joe and MeBR4: ClementineBR5: The Great Speckled BirdBR6: Austin PrisonBR7: I Want To Go HomeBR8: The CaretakerBR9: Old Apache SquawBR10: Don't Step on Mother's RosesBR11: My Grandfather's ClockBR12: It Could Be YouBR13: Loading CoalBR14: Slow RiderBR15: LumberjackBR16: Dorraine of PorchartrainBRDisc 6BR1: Going to MemphisBR2: When Papa Played the DobroBR3: Boss JackBR4: Old Doc BrownBR5: Seasons of My HeartBR6: I Couldn't Keep From CryingBR7: I Feel Better All OverBR8: My Shoes Keep Walking Back To YouBR9: Time Changes EverythingBR10: I'd Just Be Fool Enough (To Fall)BR11: Why Do You Punish MeBR12: Transfusion BluesBR13: I Will Miss You When You GoBR14: I'm So Lonesome I Could CryBR15: Just One MoreBR16: Honky Tonk GirlBRDisc 7BR1: I Can't Help ItBR2: You Win AgainBR3: Hey Good Lookin'BR4: I Could Never Be Ashamed Of YouBR5: Cold Cold HeartBR6: (I Heard That) Lonesome WhistleBR7: Folsom Prison BluesBR8: I Couldn't Keep from CryingBR9: I Walk the LineBR10: I Love You BecauseBR11: Come in StrangerBR12: Mean Eyed CatBR13: I. SunriseBR14: II. Painted DesertBR15: III. On the TrailBRDisc 8BR1: IV. SunsetBR2: V. CloudburstBR3: A Day in the Grand CanyonBR4: SugartimeBR5: Down the Street to 301BR6: Life Goes OnBR7: Port of Lonely HeartsBR8: Cry Cry CryBR9: My TreasurerBR10: Oh Lonesome MeBR11: So Doggone LonesomeBR12: You're the Nearest Thing to HeavenBR13: Story of a Broken HeartBR14: Hey PorterBR15: Home of the BluesBRDisc 9BR1: Lost On the DesertBR2: Accidentally On PurposeBR3: In the Jailhouse NowBR4: Mister LonesomeBR5: You Won't Have Far To GoBR6: In Them Old Cottonfields Back HomeBR7: Delia's GoneBR8: I Forgot More Than You'll Ever KnowBR9: You Remembered MeBR10: I'm Free From the Chain Gang NowBR11: Let Me down EasyBR12: Sing It Pretty SueBR13: Give My Love to RoseBR14: What Do I CareBR15: I Got StripesBR16: You Dreamer YouBR17: The Little Drummer BoyBR18: The Rebel Johnny YumaBR19: Remember the AlamoBR20: The Ballad of Boot HillBRDisc 10BR1: He'll Understand and Say Well DoneBR2: God Must Have My Fortune Laid AwayBR3: When I've LearnedBR4: I Got ShoesBR5: Let the Lower Lights Be BurningBR6: If We Never Meet AgainBR7: When I Take My Vacation in HeavenBR8: When He Reached Down His Hand for MeBR9: Taller Than TreesBR10: I Won't Have To Cross Jordan AloneBR11: My God Is Real (Yes God Is Real)BR12: These HandsBR13: Straight A's in LoveBR14: Second HoneymoonBR15: Honky Tonk GirlBR16: Girl in SaskatoonBR17: Tennessee Flat Top BoxBR18: BonanzaBR19: BustedBR20: Pick a Bale of Cotton