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online Come An' Get It (Remastered / Expanded) U7yUe0WQ

  • Model: U7yUe0WQ
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BRDisc 1BR1: Come An' Get It (2007 Digital Remaster)BR2: Hot Stuff (2007 Digital Remaster)BR3: Don't Break My Heart Again (2007 Digital Remaster)BR4: Lonely Days Lonely Nights (2007 Digital Remaster)BR5: Wine Women An' Song (2007 Digital Remaster)BR6: Child Of Babylon (2007 Digital Remaster)BR7: Would I Lie To You (2007 Digital Remaster)BR8: Girl (2007 Digital Remaster)BR9: Hit An' Run (2007 Digital Remaster)BR10: Till The Day I Die (2007 Digital Remaster)BR11: Child Of Babylon (Alternate Rough Mix)BR12: Girl (Alternate Version/Rough Mix)BR13: Come An' Get It (Rough Mix)BR14: Lonely Days Lonely Nights (Alternate Version/Rough Mix)BR15: Till The Day I Die (Rough Mix)BR16: Hit An' Run (Backing Track)